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Mericcup <3

I have NEVER been ice skating before so I hung onto Toothless and Hiccup the entire time!

Here is a quick clip of my first time on the ice, and not falling over thanks to that loyal dragon and silly boy.

I regret nothing! 


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Hey Merida - Mericcup →


Last but not the least (because honestly this is the first Mericcup thing I did). 

Anonymous asked: Anna passes but leaves behind her 4 children and husband. He doesn't re marry. He raises them with help from his family and Elsa. By the time the last one moves out, the oldest has a kid of his own. He's never lonely for that long. And Anna, she had so many places she wanted to go. So what does he do? He sets off and visits each and every one. Sometimes alone, sometimes with one of his kids. And then he does and they see each other again and go back to how they looked when they first met




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